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Greater Madison Engaged

How can we improve local decision-making so that it promotes community well-being?  This question sparked the creation of Greater Madison Engaged. After 50 one-on-one’s with community members, Sustain Dane and over 45 partners planned and facilitated a workshop on equitable community engagement.

Check out Tina Abert’s visual note-taking on Greater Madison Engaged! 

Watch the Grassroots Session from the Greater Madison Engaged workshop with panelists Will Green of Mentoring Positives, Lexi London of Bayview Foundation and Community Art, Karime Perez of Centro Hispano, and Eric Upchurch of Council of Communities.“We are in the work. It’s a dedication that you have to have. I don’t think a lot of people understand what you need to give up in this community to be a grassroots leader and go after people and help them … It’s that important for me.” –Will Green, Mentoring Positives

This kind of work is not easy, but it IS sustainable. YOU can be a part of it.