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A Season to Celebrate Sustainability


Posted: 1:32PM December 3rd, 2013 | Comments

**Give $60 or more this holiday season to receive a free Sustain Dane travel mug, while supplies last!**

Dear Friends,

This holiday season, please consider making a gift to Sustain Dane. Your continued support of Sustain Dane is a reflection of your personal commitment to sustainability for our community.

2013 has been a watershed year for Sustain Dane as we unveiled and set into motion a new vision and strategy for sustainability leadership for our region. We believe that the Greater Madison Region can become a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation. We understand that this vision requires a holistic approach that engages all sectors of society - private companies, schools and universities, community organizers, and municipal governments.

Your contribution to Sustain Dane makes it possible for us to reach more organizations and individuals and to support them in making widespread and lasting change. With your help, we will continue in 2014 to build on our momentum and success of this year:

  • To date, 50 local businesses and organizations have taken meaningful and measured steps towards sustainability through our signature MPower Business Champions Program. Their collective results - reduced CO2 emissions by 21,500 tons and $916,000 in cost savings. In 2013, another 18 organizations enrolled in the program and are working closely with Sustain Dane to reduce their footprints.
  • In the 2012 - 2013 school year, five area schools built school gardens and outdoor classrooms, collaborated on outdoor curriculum development, community engagement, and implemented school-based sustainability initiatives. This school year, five more schools will build or expand school gardens via the Growing Outdoor Classrooms Program - a collaboration of Sustain Dane, GROW Coalition, and the Madison Community Foundation.
  • This summer, 12 teams from Dane County organizations competed in the first annual Dane County Bike Challenge - presented by Sustain Dane, the Wisconsin Bike Fed, and Trek. Together, 95 riders logged 58,500 miles, burning one million calories while NOT burning 56,700 lbs of CO2!
  • Last month, over 200 sustainability leaders from across all sectors of our community came together at the 5th Annual Badger Bioneers Conference - presented by Sustain Dane and the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability - to tackle real-world sustainability challenges through collaborative innovation and peer learning. Early survey data show major shifts in attitudes, awareness of a larger network of change makers, and intention to act. Over 90% of participants plan to attend the event again in 2014!

Please consider making your tax-deductible gift today and support Sustain Dane in the effort to create a more vibrant and sustainable region that thrives environmentally, socially, and economically. Together, we can!

With gratitude,

Jessie Lerner

P.S. I would love to meet with you any time over coffee or tea to learn more about your interests, initiatives, and sustainability wishes for our community. Please call (608) 819 - 0689 or e-mail me to schedule a time to meet.

**Give $60 or more this holiday season to receive a free Sustain Dane travel mug, while supplies last!**

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