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Baby, Its Cold Outside

Posted: 11:46AM January 30th, 2012 | Comments

With cold temperatures and our furnances cranking out heat, what better time to switch from coal-based power to wind-generated power.  MGE makes it easy.  Take 30 seconds, and change now

There is really no debate that coal is not a cleaning source of energy - it is dirty with emissions; it is ugly with the labor required to extract it; leaves communities devasted, with documented high cancer rates. 

Yet, reportedly, MGE customoers have yet to tap out MGE's capacity for providing alternative sources.  That is, not enough customors in the region are requesting to switch their energy source to sustainable sources.  And, if MGE doesn't sell out their capacity for wind power, they have no reason to build capacity for more.  It would be like a storeowner continuing to stock shoes that his customers don't buy.  Yes, demand-side economics.  Let's all play a part!


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