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Biking to work in “winter”

Posted: 11:03AM February 9th, 2012 | Comments

24 and sunny with NO ice - the perfect day to begin the occasional “winter” bike to work. Even though I don’t bike to work daily, I still consider myself a bike commuter (fair-weather bike commuter that is). I swore off winter biking 5 years ago, after falling on the ice, but I woke up today to blue skies and chirping birds and I just couldn’t hide behind this excuse anymore.

Plus, I was feeling guilty; at least one Sustain Dane staff has walked into the office with their right pant leg rolled up every day since the last snow. Peer pressure really works. And the result is great, I’ve gotten 30 minutes of exercise, maybe even some vitamin D, and a great mood to start the day off.

If you’ve sworn off “winter” biking (yes winter is purposefully in quotes), next week is the week to give it a try! Bike Winter is hosting 7 days of events in Madison starting this Sunday with a “How to” demonstration. You'll find free, warm, bike path coffee throughout the week too. All the events are listed on Facebook and the Isthmus guide. Hope to see you on the path!

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