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Bringing Schools and Community Together

Posted: 5:15PM April 27th, 2011 | Comments

On May 26th a new garden will be built at Black Hawk Middle School thanks to Fiskar’s Project Orange Thumb.  This garden is the third of it’s kind in Madison as far as I know.  (Drop us note if you know of others.)  Once built you will find flourishing community garden plots, a vibrant outdoor learning laboratory for students, and a place for people to gather together to eat, share stories, and simply enjoy their place.     

I gotta say I love this model of community building.  It gets people beyond parents connected to our schools.  It allows our schools to meet a true community need – the ever-growing demand for community gardens in Madison.   And, it engages students in learning in the places and spaces just outside the school door.

Kudos to all of those behind this project – I am sure there are many.  But I do want to specifically acknowledge the amazing volunteerism of Rebecca Kemble this project’s coordinator.   A key founder of the Lindbergh Elementary gardens, she is a tireless advocate for positive change in our schools and community.

And, if you want to meet a bunch of really inspiring, fun, interesting folk while helping to build a great gift to our community you should come by Black Hawk Middle School on May 26th, get your hands a little dirty, and help sow these seeds of change.    

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