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Changing School Food

Posted: 3:31PM March 30th, 2011 | Comments

Sometimes small, seemingly inconsequential things are actually really big victories.  Just last week I received an email from Erik Kass, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for the Madison Metropolitan School District, announcing the new Food Service Director position for the District.  Now, on the surface, this sounds pretty uninteresting.  I don’t know about you but job descriptions – particularly bureaucratic job descriptions – aren’t exactly captive reading.

But this one is different.  This one represents the culmination of many years of hard work in this community by many different people to provide children in MMSD with healthier food choices and an overall shift in how we as a community view and value school lunch.  This one is an invitation for change, sustainable change.

So, if you know someone with food service experience.  Someone who “will strive to teach every child to seek, grow, prepare, and eat nourishing, delicious and sustainably grown food”.  Someone with the passion, interest and ability to lead this change. Make sure they know about this job.  

I gotta say, I never guessed that a highlight of my year would be reading the words “The Food Service Director will create a five year plan outlining improvements to the food service program that includes, but is not limited to: minimization of processed foods, cooking from scratch as much as possible, and increased quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.” But I guess change – even monumental change – can’t always be sexy.

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