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Cherokee Middle School’s Garden Blog

Posted: 12:44PM September 13th, 2011 | Comments

Recently a friend forwarded me a link to the Cherokee Middle School Garden blog.  Sixth graders planting potatoes, beans, carrots, rye grass and pumpkins. Students using the produce in cooking classes.  Seventh and eighth grade A.V. students taking videos and photographs of the garden.  Cherokee teachers, student alumni and neighbors caring for the garden over the summer.   

It’s so exciting to stumble upon this story.  I know that there are other middle schools working to integrate gardening into the classroom.  By sharing this story, I hope that those doing this work can more easily learn from one another -- a goal we are working towards both through this blog and through the new GROW Coalition.  So be sure to check out Cherokee’s garden story on their blog.   (Scroll down to click on the stories and photographs from 2011.)  And, share the word with someone else.
-    Rachel

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