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Clean Energy, In Every State

Posted: 3:33PM August 6th, 2012 | Comments

A new study by the U.S. Department of Energy and RE Technical Potential looks at available renewable resources in every state, using a GIS based analysis. This study examines upper boundary estimates of development potential, factoring in land-use contraints, system performance, economic, market, topographic and environmental  limitations as well. 

The study compares six different forms of renewable energy production. This greatly benefits decision makers and utility executives, unifying assumptions and methods and providing answers to what works best according to each state.

The major forms of renewable energy production include solar, wind and geothermal availability. State-level maps and tables containing availabe land (square kilometers), installing capacity (gigawatts), and electric generation (gigawatt-hours) are included with each renewable energy category.

This study will be most beneficial to state decision makers considering scale, potential for renewables and investments in certain technologies.  Donna Heimiller, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, describes the study as an ongoing process, updating information as more comes in.  

Sustainable, renewable, energy production in each and every state is on the horizon! 

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