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Connecting Children to Nature

Posted: 10:28AM June 21st, 2017 | Comments

In celebration of the #SDWeekOfWins, Rachel of Public Health Madison & Dane County shares why Sustain Dane is a strong partner in connecting children to nature through outdoor learning. Will you please chip in to support our work for sustainable schools and outdoor learning? Give now to help more kids achieve sustainability wins!
“The Connecting Children to Nature project works to promote nature access and equitable health outcomes through a youth-driven process for City of Madison residents. Now in its second year, we are excited to be employing equity-based strategies that continue to drive families, communities and schools to nearby outdoor play and learning spaces that they might not otherwise be accessing. Because spending time in nature is so closely linked with improved social, emotional and physical health, this is the perfect project for the Public Health Department to champion. Sustain Dane is a great partner in this effort thanks to their deep rooted relationships with teachers, administrators, parents and community organizations, and their knowledge and experience in outdoor learning.” -Rachel, PHMDC
Sustain Dane's Week of Wins from June 14-21 is our annual summer campaign to share, celebrate, and raise funds for sustainable success stories! This year, we're featuring our sustainable schools & outdoor learning programs. Help students, educators, & schools achieve more sustainable wins, and help us reach our goal of 100 donors! Donate today.

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