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Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Science, Logic.

Posted: 3:42PM June 26th, 2012 | Comments

The United States Court of Appeals on tuesday dissmissed Industry's claim that the science of global warming was not well supported and that its judgement has been based off unreliable studies. The three judge panel of the Federal Appeals Court for the Distict of Columbia ruled that the agency is "unambiguously correct" that the Clean Air Act requires the federal government to regulate emmission levels that meet a determined harmful level. The court also upheld limiting greenhouse emissions from cars and stationary sources. 

Fank O'Donnel, president of the goup Clean Air Watch called it a "slam-dunk victory for the E.P.A and for the Clean Air Act",  finally giving the regulatory muscle needed to enforce limits on industry's greenhouse gase emissions as well as no longer allowing for big industry pollutors to try and muddle the sources of carbon pollution and greenhouse emissions.

Not everyone is happy about the E.P.A. emissions ruling however. Representative Fred Upton from Michigan, who is chairman of the House of Energy and Commerce Commitee believes that this ruling "threatens to drive energy prices higher, destroy jobs and hamstring our econmic recovery". 

Atleast now there will be no more genuine industry confusion regarding the causes of greenhouse emissions. After decades of pounding our heads against the proverbial wall of scientific uncertainty, we may now accept the fact that carbon pollution is a contributing factor to global climate change, and that we ought to regulate that stuff. Lets hope this industrial nuisance may also bring with it some ecological relief. 

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