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Cultivating Education for Sustainability

Posted: 10:01AM June 16th, 2011 | Comments

Last night a group of passionate individuals gathered for 3 hours at the UW-Arboretum to generate ideas about what students should be learning and experiencing to be sustainably literate.  How should students be able to think?  What should they actually know?  And what should they be doing?  We talked together about what we want our community to look like 30 years from now and how Education for Sustainability can be the bridge that gets us from here to there.  We identified projects that are already going on in our community around sustainability and how those projects can be educational opportunities for our K-12 students.  We generated a list of "sustainability indicators" to help us begin to understand and assess what  a green school might look like. 

All of this is part of a new effort by the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education and the Department of Public Instruction to "Cultivate Education for Sustainability" in Wisconsin.  Sustain Dane is one of 10 community partners hosting discussion sessions like the one last night all throughout the State.  This important information will help the Center develop the necessary tools, resources and materials to support Education for Sustainability in Wisconsin.

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