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Dive! the film - review

Posted: 11:00AM February 2nd, 2012 | Comments

If a great documentary is one that has you googling about the topic while the credits are rolling than Dive! wins a gold medal. Some of those winning points come from the length - it’s less than 60 minutes (come on, that’s only one episode of Say Yes to the Dress & one Parks & Recreation).

Dive! is about dumpster diving for food. Pretty quickly you move to the irony between hunger in America and how our food system wastes about HALF of all food grown and produced.

The majority of the hour is focused on the waste created at the grocery store stop in our food system, and how if there were more food rescue programs all the hungry in cities (like LA where Dive! takes place) could easily be fed three times over.

My googling confirmed that YES Dane County has a Food Recovery program! Community Action Coalition has the “Gleaners Program”. Started in 1992 and originally known as Wisconsin Harvest, Gleaners has safely recovered perfectly good food from grocers, restaurants, bakeries, and caterers. This food would have otherwise gone to waste in landfills. CAC Gleaners distributes collected food to people in need through shelters, community centers, food pantries, senior centers, soup kitchens, and low-income apartment complexes at no cost.

Dive! also highlights the slice of the food waste pie happening at home and catered events. At home, composting and smart meal planning (many classes are offered at Willy Street) can dramatically reduce waste at this stop in the food system. Ironically enough, earlier in the evening I engaged in the every-few-months job of cleaning the fridge. I am embarassed to report throwing out one tupperware (only one!) of leftovers gone bad. Anytime you have an event catered, don’t let those leftovers feed the garbage – places like the Salvation Army’s Warming House and food pantries are always welcoming to goodies.

Go ahead, watch the trailer and then watch the movie on Netflix instant. Even better, catch a special screening with Q & A from Director Jeremy Seifert on February 28th here in Madison at the Redamtè Coffee House! After you watch, let us know if you start volunteering or start diving yourself.

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