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Don’t Forget Monday’s Eco-Salon

Posted: 10:36AM April 6th, 2012 | Comments

Although animals may be wild and heedless to municipally-made laws and political boundaries, they still are very much under their sway. Over the past few years, Madison has loosened up regulations to permit backyard chicken coops and, more recently, honey-producing bee hives. These changes have been, of course, pushed by the pervasive loco-more attitudes—that we should be able to take 15 steps into the backyard for our eggs rather than truck them 1500 miles from a factory farm--and, most nobly out of concern for a greater ecosystem—like considering that bee populations have collapsed in recent years and along with them the primary pollinators of flowers and vegetables; cities like Minneapolis, Denver and, yes, Madison allowing backyard hives is the least we can do to provide a few pitstops and support for the bees.

 Stop by on Monday. Hear from some of the individuals in Madison who have pushed and supported these ordinances to help residents turn their backyards back into wild, natural oases.

Brocach on the Square, 6 pm.

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