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Eco-Salon Tonight

Posted: 11:21AM May 14th, 2012 | Comments

Too often the “sustainability” movement can be burdened with gloom-and-doom predications—we are living beyond our natural resources, we are trashing our lakes with pesticides, etc. (you know the list). 

But tonight:  A shot of optimism in the arm!  We are hosting a great Eco-Salon tonight, with several different “youth” leaders.  And, yes, the next generation of leaders are inspiring—and already are doing some remarkably strong and productive work.

Putting together background research on these young leaders has been both inspiring and humbling.  Gabrielle Hinahara and her sister Natalie may not even be old enough to rent a car at the airport yet, but, oh boy, they are doing some great work:  Together, they founded Growing Food & Sustainability, to help middleschool children learn about food production.

And Joel Charles, while not busy with his medical school studies, he is, among a dozen other projects, helping make rental houses in Madison more sustainable! 

The program begins tonight, Monday, May 14, at Brocach on the Square, 6 pm.  An hour later you will have a bright and inspired vision of the future!


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