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Farmers’ Market Saturday

Posted: 3:39PM July 25th, 2017 | Comments

When I first arrived in Wisconsin two years ago, I was eager to explore the area and embrace all that Madison had to offer. Not knowing where to start, I asked my new Wisconsinite friends what they suggested I do. No matter who I asked, the Dane County Farmers’ Market was always number one on their list.


So, the first Saturday I could, I made the walk down State Street excited, but unsure of what to expect. When the Market finally came into view, my eyes widened as I saw the crowd before me. I quickly made my way into the Square ready to discover all that it had to offer.


Going to the Saturday morning Farmers Market eventually became part of my routine. It was a fun part of my weekend, and a great way to treat myself after a rough week of classes. However, after working at Sustain Dane for just a few months, I realize the Farmers Market is much more than that.


Here at Sustain Dane, we focus on achieving Big ‘S’ Sustainability. This involves a just economy, strong community, and a healthy planet. While on the surface this may seem ambitious, I have come to realize that everyone is capable of helping work towards this goal. In fact, many people are already contributing to the cause without even knowing it, like by attending the Farmers’ Market.


Although not a well-known fact, the Farmers’ Market dates back to 1972.  Those who attend the Market are supporting a long-standing community tradition and contributing to Madison’s rich history. Purchasing products from the Farmers’ market impacts more than just the community. When people buy produce and goods from family owned, local companies and farms they stimulate the local economy. Additionally, buying from farmers’ markets shortens the distance from farm to table, meaning the amount of fuel required to transport goods is decreased; a huge benefit for the environment.


When people pass up controversial factory farmed products for locally produced goods, a ripple effect is felt throughout the community. Consumers are guaranteed fresh produce, the local economy thrives, and less strain is put on the environment. Essentially, the Dane County Farmers Market is a hub for Big ‘S’ Sustainability.


You don’t need to wait for Saturday to come around to make sustainable decisions. Buy local any day of the week at any of Madison’s many farmers’ markets. For a full contemplation of restaurants, stores and businesses who are dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, check out Dane Buy Local’s membership directory or Sustain Dane’s Sustainable Business Network directory.  



By Jordan Campo, Social Media and Communications Intern




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