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From Toilet To Tap?

Posted: 1:43PM February 10th, 2012 | Comments

A decade ago, the fresh water-deprived San Diego turned to an unlikely source for its drinking water:  The sewer pipes.  Even though technology has proven its effectiveness to turn waste to pure drinking water, the concept still had more than one councilmember and a sizable portion of the population retching.  But, a deacde later, as water supplies continue to deplete, this solution has continued to find successful case-studies -- and a wider audience. 

The most successful such processing plant is a $500 million purifier in Orange County, California, which opened four years ago and reportedly processing 700 million gallons daily.  Smaller-scale operations have popped up in other water-parched regions, like the ironically named Big Springs, Texas. 

Point being:  We have serious environmental problems and limited resources; increasingly so, populations in America continue to migrate to sunny and arid locations like southern California and Arizona.  To manage these problems require swift and creative solutions, and yes, perhaps by turning our waste into water. 

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