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“Giving a Fork”: The new trend of being #Grexy


Posted: 4:06PM April 12th, 2016 | Comments

A new movement on many different online platforms is a challenge to keep the earth more sustainable by simple daily activities to improve waste management, water conservation, and our personal eco-footprint. The “Give a Fork!” campaign is through an Australian based not-for-profit Sustainable Table that is bringing awareness to people around the world. Their tag #Grexy is circling the media and is defined as a sexy individual who is also a greenie—bringing cool and caring together. This type of person could be seen at a grocery store asking if the chicken they are buying is free range. Someone who brings a to-go travel mug to get their morning roast. Or the person using reusable grocery bags versus plastic or paper. These challenges occur monthly with ranges of difficulty to fit every activist’s goals.

This month there are three ideas to work with. One is cutting out the disposable cup and requesting your drinks shaken, not strawed. The benefits for you: reducing your exposure to toxins in plastics that have shown harmful effects on our health. The benefits for the earth: reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from producing and distributing plastic water bottles each year.

An intermediate #Grexy would shoot for the meat free weekdays challenge. The benefits for you: eating more fruit and vegetables that your body is thirsting for and reducing meat intake that is contributing to obesity, strokes, and heart disease. The benefit for the earth: reducing our reliance on factory farming, as well as decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use substantially.

Lastly, if you’re an eco warrior you could register for an online crash course in ethical eating. Benefit for you: learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle easily and efficiently. Benefits for the earth: changing the way we eat changes what we buy, and what we buy affects our eco-footprint. Thus, be the change you wish to see.

Are you ready for the movement? If so, tag #Grexy in your online posts, and check them out to see their latest news and advice—because why not “give a fork”.

By Brooke Francis



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