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Green Week at West High

Posted: 5:01PM January 25th, 2012 | Comments

Last week, January 18-20, members of the West High Green Club hosted a Green Week to highlight small measures that the school can undertake to achieve major reductions in electricity consumption.

In December, working with the energy services company McKinstry, the students measured energy use and identified ways energy could be saved around the school. Then, they talked with individual classroom teachers, building custodians, and administrators to educate them on their findings and garner their commitment to take small actions to reduce electricity consumption.

During Green Week, the students encouraged students and staff to turn off lights in classrooms, cafeterias and little-used breezeways, turn off computer monitors and printers, and unplug unused appliances. Their goal was to show how small measures can easily save electricity use, save money for the school and save resources for the environment. They were shooting for a 5% reduction in electricity.

And the results are in! Their efforts were successful. In fact , they surpassed their goal. Wednesday through Friday, West High reduced its electricity use by 7.8%. Indeed, on Wednesday alone they realized a 10.9% reduction in electricity use during school hours (7:00am to 5:00pm) compared to the Wednesday before. In total, the students and staff at West High saved 905.9 kWh of electricity.

Congratulations to the West High Green Club for a successful Green Week. And kudos to all the staff and students at West High for demonstrating how individual actions really do make a difference!


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