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Growing Gardens, Growing Kids

Posted: 3:08PM March 23rd, 2011 | Comments

There is a lot of noise these days around gardening and food.  Front yard gardens, roof top gardens, community gardens, rain gardens and, yes, school gardens.  Well, what’s the big deal?  If you ask me, gardens provide a rich way to bring people together, to create real things that you can feel and touch, bringing us all back down to earth.  

When it comes to our children, a garden engages kids through all their senses teaching them Mastery -“I can”, Belonging -“I belong here”, Generosity -“I can make a difference”, and Power -“I matter”.   A study from the National Wildlife Federation shows that learning outside at school holds great potential for getting kids more engaged in learning and empowering them at school.  Check out the Van Hise Elementary School Garden an amazing project happening right here in your backyard. 

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