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Have a Green Halloween!

Posted: 4:41PM October 29th, 2015 | Comments

Halloween is upon us, but what’s really scary is how much waste is produced every year from this spooktacular holiday. I’ve decided to treat you all to a couple of my favorite tricks so that you can start your own Green Halloween traditions.


  •  Take a trip to the thrift store or just use clothes you already own. Not only can you save some cash by following this tip, but also it’s always fun to build up a costume with the items you round up.
  • Swap old costumes with friends. Get your friends together for a costume swapping party so you can all save money and reduce the amount of materials consumed this Halloween.  If you stay open-minded you can mix and match the costumes to make something even more fun than it was before.
  •  For those of us who take advantage of Halloween to show our true, bloody colors, take a look at last years special effects makeup before you go out and buy new Blood Scab (sounds gross, I know, but if you’ve used it before you know how essential it is).  A lot of cream based Halloween make-ups can dry up over the course of a year. Stirring in a small amount of rubbing alcohol can bring it back from the dead (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Make sure you let the makeup dry overnight before applying it to your face.  If it's last minute, mix up some homemade fake blood with corn syrup and food coloring. 

Carving pumpkins

  • Make a statement! Personalize those pumpkins with your favorite sustainability symbol. 

  • While you’re carving your pumpkins, don’t forget to save the seeds, clean them, and roast them in the oven. They make a great addition to a salad, or they can be a salty treat on their own.
  • When all the fun has been had, compost your pumpkins if you can or put it on the curb along with raked leaves and brush. 

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