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Joining the Sustain Dane Team

Posted: 3:16PM June 24th, 2015 | Comments

Today brings to a close my first week at Sustain Dane as an evaluation intern, and it’s been great! I have learned about the inner workings of a non-profit, attended a sustainability session, a staff meeting, and have begun working on my own project. Essentially, my goal is to help Sustain Dane develop an evaluative process that will better its programs, internal functioning, and outreach. Here are a couple of highlights from this week!

I was excited to attend the most recent Sustainability Session. Guest speaker, George Dreckmann from the City of Madison, was incredibly entertaining and informative, inspiring new ideas within the audience as evident from their questions and discussion. Additionally, it was inspiring to observe business representatives at my table help two people from a church brainstorm new ways to incorporate the value of sustainability into their parish. I loved feeling that not only had this Sustain Dane program taught the audience about waste reduction, but it also fostered new connections and plans between participants.

Another highlight came from sitting in on Thursday morning’s staff meeting. The culture at Sustain Dane is one of my favorite parts of interning here. It is relaxed but focused, genuinely passionate, and fresh. For example, the meeting began with a quick non-work related check-in with everyone. Then we got to the agenda, which was productive and systematic, but still engaging – we even stood on one leg with the incentive that we could only sit down once we’d conquered the next item on the agenda! I enjoyed being a part of what goes on behind the scenes at an environmental non-profit, and I look forward to engaging in meetings more in the future!

Unfortunately, I’ll be away for the next two weeks working camp counselor, but I look forward to returning to my internship at Sustain Dane right after!

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