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Madison State of Sustainability


Posted: 9:45AM January 14th, 2016 | Comments

If you read my previous blog post ("Never Too Late"), it may seem like I completely renounced computer programming as soon as I graduated from college, but that's only mostly true. While I do have no desire to pursue it as a career, I still use those skills when necessary in my chosen field of work. Most recently I had to dust off my old web programming skills to publish a few pages on the Sustain Dane website about the project I have been working on here. Some background: for the past couple months, I've been collaborating with Lauren (Director of the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative) to do research on the Madison State of Sustainability: a snapshot of sustainability in Madison based on environmental, social, and economic indicators. This set of indicators was compiled after extensive exploration of existing sustainability indices of all scopes worldwide. We looked into efforts on organizational, university-wide, city-wide, and country-wide levels and found a number of different measurement systems that were not only beneficial to us, but seemed worth consolidating and sharing. Thus, our Sustainability Indicator Indices were born. As a preliminary step to the Madison State of Sustainability, we've put all the links to the information we used on our website, organized alphabetically and categorically. We hope these lists are helpful resources; take a look and tell us if you know of more resources we should add!

Sustainability Indicators Index by Alphabet

Sustainability Indicators Index by Category




By: Ida Yu

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