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Moving outside the Box with Madison Green Box


Posted: 10:22AM October 2nd, 2013 | Comments

Written by Danielle Russell

In my semi-nomadic 20’s, I’ve moved a lot – as in 14 times in just over 7 years. By now, I consider myself an expert, a Tetris master in a U-Haul, a quick shooter armed with packing tape and a sharpie in my holster. Still, like any great master, I have one weakness. And it sounds like this –

“Kyle, don’t you dare throw out the box that it came in! We’ll need it when we move in ten months.”

To my shame, I’ve become a cardboard box hoarder. My closets are one part stuff, one part flattened boxes that once housed said stuff. This motley stack of boxes has torn flaps, smushed corners, layers upon layers of tape, and ancient ruins of spider colonies from ages past. From the closets, these boxes call out, taunting me, my vagabond lifestyle, my hesitation to lay down roots.

Until a recent discovery, my only alternative options to box hoarding had been to buy new boxes from the moving company, to stalk grocery and sporting goods stores for toss outs, or to pay a new homeowner on Craigslist for boxes as equally distressed as my own. So, year after year, I painstakingly construct, stack, flatten, and store my boxes.

When Amy announced that Sustain Dane would be moving offices in September, I struggled with the idea of volunteering up my sad, yet preciously hoarded collection for the move. But, before I could reveal my closeted cardboard secret to the rest of the staff, she interjected, “oh, and Madison Green Box is going to donate their boxes!”

In case you’re not familiar with Madison Green Box (I wasn’t), the company offers reusable, plastic boxes to help with your move within the Madison and Milwaukee areas. The boxes stack neatly inside of each other when empty and stack securely on top of each other when closed. The best parts? No storage and no driving all over town hunting for cardboard boxes. Madison Green Box delivered and picked up the boxes onsite, giving us an ample week to unpack at our new location.

While I did miss the opportunity to educate my colleagues on proper packing, taping, and stacking the puzzle of misshaped cardboard boxes, using Madison Green Box made Sustain Dane’s move much faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. It’s also inspired me to free up some closet space in my own home.

Madison’s local business community thrives with sustainability innovation and entrepreneurship like Madison Green Box. You can help to support a more sustainable Madison by supporting the local businesses that are making an impact.

Check out pictures from our big move on Sustain Dane’s Facebook page.

A huge thanks to Lori at Madison Green Boxes for providing Sustain Dane with the boxes! We also owe a big thanks to our friends Dave, Emily, Zach, Willa, Julius, Michael, Scott, and Mike for your time, hard work, and manual labor.

I’m closing with a sunset view from our new balcony. We’re at 131 W. Wilson St., Suite 200. Stop by anytime!

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