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My visit to Aldo Leopold Natural Center

Posted: 11:40AM July 23rd, 2015 | Comments

Last week I was able to meet Brenna Holzhauer who is the Director of Exhibits and Digital Curricula as well as the Nature Net Coordinator at Aldo Leopold Natural Center. The reason for my visit? To learn more about their awesome summer programs for the wee little ones! I am currently working on developing a one hour session that focuses on waste management, water consumption, and energy savings for kids ages 8-10. All this is related to climate change and becoming more sustainable in small manners that can definitely make a big difference! Our future is in the hands of the next generation which is why it is so important to teach them better and “greener” actions to improve our daily lives.  

The two programs I was focus on learning more were ‘Air and Weather’, as well as ‘Fun with the Sun’.The first one includes hands-on activities which help students learn the concepts of wind speed, the water cycle, cloud types, and temperature. The second one focuses on energy by explaining what it is and why it is so imperative to use it in a smart and more sustainable way. I was able to tour the center and learn more about the natural carbon exchange, the various food chains that surround us, and cleaner energies that have a more positive impact on our planet than fossil fuel. This gave me some ideas on small actions they can take to have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I was also able to come up with activities so that the children have fun while learning.

Between their interactive exhibits, grand selection of programs for children, and an amazing and passionate staff, ALNC is a great place for children to discover what is in their own backyard. As the ecologist Aldo Leopold’s philosophy goes “teaching the student to see the land, to understand what he sees, and enjoy what he understands.” This is precisely the aim of ALNC for the younger generations. Not only did I learn a ton, this was a fun bike ride of over 6 miles along the lakes to get there from my house!*

 *Remember that if you do the same and are part of the Bicycle Benefits of Madison, you can get a discount as long as you get to the Aldo Leopold Natural Center by bike! More information at http://bb2.bicyclebenefits.org/#/home


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