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Off Broadway Drafthouse


Posted: 12:59PM March 19th, 2018 | Comments

Off Broadway Drafthouse is located, not surprisingly, off West Broadway at 5404 Raywood Road and has a new look with a sustainability minded focus giving this historical Waunona neighborhood establishment a reason to stop by. 

Previously known as the South Bay Lounge & Grill, almost 3 years ago owner Joe Klinzing put in a years’ worth of revamping to make it the Off Broadway you see today.  Repurposing building materials in the process, they tore off the roof and façade only to pull back even further in history.  Under the marquee was an even older sign for the Airway Tavern.  The Airway was a neighborhood staple and dates back to the 1930’s when it was located across Hwy 12/18 from Madison's Royal Airport. 

Not only is the exterior and interior new, but the Drafthouse is living up to its new name with 24 brews on tap representing a constantly rotating selection.  Their motto is “Come for the beer.  Stay for the food.”  And that means extra attention to a menu that has delicious updates along with a nod to traditional favorites such as Friday Fish Fry, BBQ Ribs on Saturdays and Fried Chicken on Sundays.  They also have brunch both Saturday and Sunday (closed on Mondays). 

And their food’s focus on locally sourced is hyper local with gardens on the south side of the restaurant making this not just farm to table but yard to table.  With a goal of sourcing 10% from onsite, on a visit you may see the harvest in action during jalapeno, bean, cucumber, tomato and even pumpkin season.  Having the space to garden also allows kitchen staff to compost adding nutrients back into what might be in your next dinner. 

Food waste isn’t their only point of pride.  Off Broadway is also a straw optional establishment, joining a cadre of other bars and restaurants in the area looking to reduce plastic pollution while saving costs.  Although when we think of plastic pollution we picture the large garbage islands in the ocean.  But small plastic debris affects our local waterways as well.  Being that Off Broadway is a stone’s throw from Esther Beach, taking a stand on plastic waste shows their neighborhood stewardship.

Off Broadway is a key destination for the avid biking community.  Whether you are hitting the new boardwalk to McFarland or looping Lake Monona make sure you stop by Off Broadway to use their bike repair stand.  They offer ample bike parking so take advantage while you refuel on the rotating selection of brews on tap and menu items.  And the patio addition offers the ideal location to host your next party (enclosed and heated in the winter). 

Stay up to date on daily food and drink specials on Off Broadway’s Facebook Page.

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