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Outdoor Learning at Muir Elementary

Posted: 10:20AM June 21st, 2017 | Comments

Muir Elementary School teacher Jen shares a sustainability success story about the transformative impacts of outdoor learning on her students. Want to help more students like Jen’s achieve more sustainability wins? Give now to directly expand our sustainable schools and outdoor learning programs. #SDWeekOfWins

“I have seen students who screamed at the first sign of a gnat or spider turn into junior entomologists, gazing excitedly through big boxes at ants. I have seen students who have never before tried kale, pick and eat the last remnants off plants even in early winter. I get to watch children who have never been in the woods proudly proclaim their new tree knowledge as they help each other pull burrs off their clothes. They no longer cringe at the sight of bees: they now wonder what we can do to protect pollinators. They no longer shrink from a little rain: they beg to go out in it. They happily try foods fresh from the garden and seek out wild plants they can forage. My students almost without exception love Outdoor Learning. Each experience outside gives them a chance to see each other and the world in new ways.” –Jennifer Greenwald, teacher at Muir Elementary School

Sustain Dane's Week of Wins from June 14-21 is our annual summer campaign to share, celebrate, and raise funds for sustainable success stories! This year, we're featuring our sustainable schools & outdoor learning programs. Help students, educators, & schools achieve more sustainable wins, and help us reach our goal of 100 donors! Donate today.

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