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Outlining Our Sustainability Story


Posted: 10:20AM March 9th, 2016 | Comments

To start, let’s get the wheels turning with a question. What does a “sustainable planet” look like to you? I mentioned in my last post what it looks like to me: just economy, strong community, and healthy natural environment. At a broad level, I think those components are irrefutable. However, the path to getting there and the details of each component might look different to each person.


For me, a just economy is one where well-being is valued over traditional efficiency, which might be called (as a recent conversation with Michael Hernke revealed to me) an economy of care. This is an economy where sustainability is measured not just by more outputs per fewer resources, but by how many people are supported with those resources; this is an economy that embraces an alternative efficiency (perhaps defined by more people per fewer resources).


A strong community is a place with high collective efficacy where its members feel safe, connected, fulfilled, and able to have a say in their lives. A strong community needs to support its kids (hello future generation!) with good health, quality education, strong social connections, and ample outside time.


For a healthy natural environment, we need to value lives beyond our own by supporting biodiversity in fauna and flora. Placing value in the natural world will necessitate changes in the way we live our social and economic lives, e.g. spending more time active with friends and neighbors out in green space, buying fewer things to eliminate waste, cutting down our carbon emissions by driving less, and using less fossil fuel energy to power our homes (to name a few). These changes will in turn realize benefits for the natural world, thus creating sustainable change all around. So that, to me, is what a sustainable planet looks like. But I’ll be the first to admit that my ideas can change and everyone needs to be involved in creating sustainability, so reach out and share your ideas with me, your family, and your friends.


We all have the capacity to be changemakers!




By: Ida Yu



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