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Power Outages and Brain Storms

Posted: 4:03PM July 11th, 2012 | Comments

Today at Sustain Dane, there was a power outage. For thirty minutes there were no lights, no internet, no landline. So what happens, what gets done at a sustanability organization when there is no electricity?

Well, not too much. Discussion and an eary sense of loss and inepditude. Its interesting to see just how dependent every facet of daily live intertwines with energy and technology. Pens and pads were broken out, and ideas, to do's and questions were put onto paper, and not typed. I myself, (intern to be named later) began jotting down questions regarding Sustain Dane's identity, just exactly what we do, how we can make a more sustainable future and who will be coming with us? 

I was glad to see the power go, it provided a brief period for reflection and persective. And it was in fact, the most sustainable the office has ever been.  

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