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Reflections on Sustain Dane

Posted: 2:05PM May 8th, 2017 | Comments

In my final week interning at Sustain Dane, I have come to understand that I will always strive to live sustainably. Being an Outdoor Learning Intern has given me the tools and skills to focus my passion and dedication for a healthy environment and thriving society in a work-setting, where real change is possible. Being able to communicate with the Madison Parks Department and Public Health Madison & Dane County gave me the ability to get truly involved with the change that Sustain Dane envisions for our region. This involved phone conversations, emailing and face-to-face conversations to get the best information for Madison’s elementary schools' outdoor learning programs.

There are many approaches to promote sustainability. I have done quite a few, from personally engaging in eco-friendly behaviors like recycling and strongly encouraging my friends and family to do the same, to taking to the streets to demand federal action in the Climate March in New York City. However, Sustain Dane has a unique and recognizable approach- to support individual Sustainability Champions to be part of creating the change they want to see in their community. Businesses, schools and neighborhoods have a huge impact on the way communities contribute to our environment, society and economy, especially as our global temperatures continue to rise and we see the effects of climate change and as economic inequality grows. Therefore, I really appreciate approaching sustainability at the community level.

By the end of my internship, and with the help of Julie Jarvis, I will have completed outdoor learning resource packets for 32 elementary schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District. I hope that the utilization of these packets results in more of Madison’s elementary schools students going outside to learn and having the opportunity to experience the myriad and far reaching benefits outdoor learning has to offer.

written by Sustainable Schools Initiative: Connecting Children and Nature Intern Arielle Chaifetz

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