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Share and Be Aware

Posted: 12:41PM July 12th, 2012 | Comments

Are you an avid bike commuter that would like to see more of your colleagues be comortable with biking to work? NOW is the perfect time to introduce the Wisconsin Bike Fed's Share and Be Aware Program to help people overcome the fear and ensure a safe bike commute!

Wisconsin Bike Fed's Share and Be Aware Program
Mission:  By making Madison and Wisconsin better places to bike, we help make them better places to live.  Share & Be Aware Ambassadors work across the state to spread important messages to bicyclists motorists and pedestrians about their shared rights and responsibilities.  We also work to promote bicycling for recreation, health and transportation with tips on getting started, staying safe, and making the most of local trails, paths and bike routes. 

Current Discussion Offerings (FOR FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!):

  • Bicycling Made Simple:  Overview of the Bike Fed's work, reasons to go by bike, getting started / overcoming obstacles, and tricks to make it easy and fun
  • Go By Bike:  Overview of Share and Be Aware program, reasons to go by bike, how to get started with the basics safely
  • Biking in Traffic:  More in-depth look at laws, rights and responsibilities for bicyclists, riding strategically in traffic and making the most of bike-friendly traffic infrastructure
  • Skills for Pedestrians:  As odd as it sounds to have a seminar on "how to walk," this presentation is filled with great reminders for pedestrians and motorists about our rights and responsibilities to share the roads safely.  Part of what makes this community great is being able to exercise choice in our transportation, and be able to walk and ride safely as well as drive!
  • Drivers Ed:  Designed for drivers ed students and instructors, but a great overview for all motorists about laws, rights and responsibilities of all road users.  Great reminders of how to share road safely with pedestrians and cyclists and risks involved when we overlook our responsibilities.

For more information or to book a seminar:  Email Martha Laugen at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone at 608-251-4456, ext. 2.  Visit our website at http://bfw.org/for-your-ride/safety-share-and-be-aware/ to read more or "Request an Ambassador" at your next event.

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