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  • Joe, Nate, Remi, and Matilda carrying out social media campaign at Badger Bioneers 2014.

Posted: 2:01PM December 2nd, 2014 | Comments

Hello Sustain Daners,

This is Nate and Joe, two memebers of a four member student team from UW-Madiosn, trying to help create a social media campaign for Sustain Dane this semester. Remi and Matilda came to you earlier this fall writing a little bit about our social media campaign we were trying to develop, as well as their own personal background as international students.


Our campaign was intended to raise awareness about Sustain Dane, as well as to highlight some of the practices people and organizations around Madison are using to become more sustainable. Our campaign was carried out two weeks ago at Badger Bioneers, a great event put on by the Sustain Dane crew to raise awareness about the future and sustainability. This year's theme was disruption. At the reception for the event, we posed with a table and white boards and took pictures of anybody willing to share with us why they believe they are a sustainability champion. We got a lot of great answers ranging from people biking to work, to someone saying he only drinks local beer (my favorite response). Overall the responses we got were awesome and our campaign was a success. You can see all of the pictures we took from that day on Sustain Dane's Facebook and Twitter page! If you haven't gone to their page before, go give them a like/follow and look through all the pictures.


As a whole, I can say our experience with Sustain Dane has been great. We got an inside look at Badger Bioneers, as well as the hand Sustain Dane plays in connecting people and organizations all across the community. Having heard about Sustain Dane but never really getting a chance to see them in action, this experience was very eye opening to all of the practices being put on across the city and how Sustain Dane, as well as the people of Madison are pushing forward to better our community. 


Thanks again to Sustain Dane for letting us help out throughout this fall! 



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