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Sustain Dane Announces the 2015 Badger Bioneers

Posted: 9:45AM September 14th, 2015 | Comments

Pablo Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real”.

Each year Sustain Dane recognizes local leaders who have the courage to imagine and the gumption to make those dreams reality. These people earn the title “Badger Bioneer” for their pioneering work making our region more sustainable. Although they come from different sectors of society and work in vastly different fields, this year’s Badger Bioneers are all improving the health and wellbeing of our neighbors, strengthening our local economy and supporting the health of our environment.

The 2015 Badger Bioneers are:

  • Shannon Bunsen, who imagines a health care system that promotes a healthy planet in addition to healthy people. Shannon created her position as the Sustainability Program Coordinator at UW Health.
  • Eric Udelhofen, who imagines solar panels on rooftops like apples on trees. Eric organized a “Solar Harvest” for FairShare CSA Coalition farmers and eaters that enabled them to purchase and install solar systems at a discount, saving money and helping grow the renewable energy industry in Wisconsin.
  • Jason Vargo, who imagines cities that foster the health and wellbeing of individuals and societies through the way they are designed and built. Through his work at the UW’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Global Health Institute, Jason is helping to direct university activities toward healthy cities and sustainability across Wisconsin and abroad.

The Badger Bioneers will be recognized and interviewed on-stage by Karen Lincoln Michel, editor at Madison Magazine, at the 7th annual Badger Bioneers Conference on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at Union South at UW-Madison. Limited press passes are available.

Tickets available at www.badgerbioneers2015.eventbrite.com

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