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Sustain Dane Energizes & Organizes School Garden


Posted: 1:32PM June 14th, 2017 | Comments

Sustain Dane helps schools like Prairie View Elementary expand their outdoor learning programs to bring more kids outside to learn. YOU can help more students grow, explore, and learn outdoors by contributing to our #SDWeekOfWins campaign at sustaindane.org/donate – your gift will directly expand our sustainable schools & outdoor learning programs. Thank you!

"The learners of PVE have only just begun our journey of a garden based education. Already students are learning about responsibility, cooperation, and stewardship through planting biodegradable pots in during the winter and then creating a garden from the ground up during Gardenpalooza 2017. Students were part of every step; 4th graders worked on different math problems to find how much mulch, soil, compost, and cardboard we would need, 3rd graders wrote persuasive letters to members of the community asking for donations after conducting research on the importance of school gardens, 2nd graders wrote thank you letters to everyone who volunteered their time as part of their friendly letter writing unit, and 1st graders designed invitations to different members of the Oregon School District. Everyone helped lay cardboard, pile mulch, and fill the beds with soil and compost. It was a lot of hard work and it was great seeing the kids look at what they had accomplished after their hour of working was up. Everyone also planted and discussed how big the tiny plants would become by September. The process has already been enlightening on many levels, and everyone is excited to bring the learning to the garden." –Cindi, 3rd grade teacher at Prairie View Elementary

"The idea of creating a garden at the school 'took root,' Hedstrom said, with parents meeting over the next year to eventually form a garden committee. The group met with members of Sustain Dane for ideas and support and wrote grants for tools, while Chris Prahl’s OHS building class constructed a garden shed." - ‘Gardenpalooza’ gets PVE garden goingConnect Oregon WI

Sustain Dane's Week of Wins from June 14-21 is our annual summer campaign to share, celebrate, and raise funds for sustainable success stories! This year, we're featuring our sustainable schools & outdoor learning programs. Help students, educators, & schools achieve more sustainable wins, and help us reach our goal of 100 donors! Donate today.

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