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Sustain Dane is hiring!

Posted: 10:44AM June 7th, 2018 | Comments

Sustain Dane is hiring a 1.0 FTE, benefits eligible, Director of Sustainable Business. You can play a critical role in helping Sustain Dane achieve its vision of making the Greater Madison Region a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation, inclusive of a healthy planet, a just society, and a responsible economy. This is a great opportunity to make a significant difference for the Greater Madison Region’s sustainable future!

Sustain Dane is the sustainability organization of Dane County. We believe change happens when inspired people take action. Sustain Dane partners with sustainability champions who want to transform Dane County into a healthy, thriving place for everyone. We lead programs in businesses and communities to promote sustainability for people and the planet.

The Sustainable Business Initiative makes change happen by inspiring, supporting, and connecting people to take action, both in and outside of their workplaces, for social and environmental change. The specific programs have evolved over the years and will continue to do so with your contribution.

Sustain Dane works with organizations to:

  • Embed a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility in local organizations
  • Mitigate harmful environmental impacts and foster widespread employee engagement in social and environmental sustainability

Learn more & apply here!

Priority deadline is Friday, July 6 at 9 AM. Absolute deadline is Monday, July 16.

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