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Sustainability Education in Wisconsin

Posted: 1:17PM April 6th, 2011 | Comments

There are a number of efforts happening in our State in support of Educating for Sustainability – the idea that our children learn in school that they are part of ecological, social and economic systems and that they impact those systems with every decision they make.  One of those is a new plan scheduled to be released some time this month by Wisconsin’s No Child Left Inside Coalition.  

This plan, which goes by the transparent name “Wisconsin’s Plan to Advance Education for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability in PK-12 Schools”, will support Wisconsin teachers in their efforts to develop eco-literate youth and position our State to receive federal funding to put this plan into action.  

At the same time, the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education is leading a state-wide effort to build capacity and support for schools working to integrate sustainability education into all that they do.  As part of this effort, Sustain Dane will bring people together in early June to start identifying the information, resources and services needed to support sustainability education in our schools helping the Center to “Cultivate Education for Sustainability in Wisconsin”.

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