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Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program at Edgewood College

  • Learning Mandala:
This is a visual piece to show what I have learned so far, what is important to me, and how everything is connected.

Posted: 9:57AM August 21st, 2015 | Comments

        I am currently a student majoring in Business Management at Edgewood College. I always knew I wanted to go into business, but when I arrived in my Junior year, I was hoping there would be more to business than just how to “make profit”. Fortunately, one of the required classes for my major was Organizational Sustainability and Innovation and I finally knew what spark was missing in my life: sustainability. After becoming slightly obsessed with this class and doing some more research, I found out that Edgewood College offered a Certificate and a Master’s Degree in Sustainability. A few months later, I was enrolled in the Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program! This program is designed in three classes; the first being an intensive class of one week straight from 8:30 AM-8:30 PM during the summer term. Needless to say, the whole class as well as the amazing faculty became very close due to our common passion for the environment.

            This intense week was a mixture of lectures, discussions, fun activities, meals, guest speakers, and field trips to teach us the basics of sustainability. We were able to learn the fundamentals of Natural Wealth, Ecological Accounting, Equity and Social Justice, Ecological Design, Choice Architecture and Social Change, and much more. This class will be followed by two more semester-long courses to complete the Certificate. The class was finally divided in three groups; I was part of the Edgewood Group. My group focused on how we could define a social innovation studio in the context of higher education on our campus and include the community that surrounds us. This project will take place throughout the whole program until we complete all three classes so right now we are slowly putting in place our plan of action. We know that our biggest challenge will be a shift in values, whether it is on campus or in our community, as well as finding the adequate resources and networks.

             That week was the richest and most rewarding experience due to the various backgrounds of the other students (from business people to teachers to insurance), the great knowledge of the professors, and the lessons plan form. I am excited to start our project more in depth with a great team and hopefully be a part of a sustainable change for my peers, campus and the community of Madison as a whole. I know this program will enable me to become a more environmentally friendly individual due to the rich knowledge I have already acquired and will be learning in the upcoming months. My hope is to apply this great ideology and values not only in my daily life but in my future career as well. To show what I have learned and what I would like to apply, I have attached one of the projects, my “Learning Mandala” that was due for this first class. This was made possible by the Complete Toolkit at Partners in Place. More Mandala examples can be viewed at http://www.partnersinplace.com/

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