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Sustainability Sideshow

Posted: 9:27AM April 10th, 2015 | Comments

On March 6th, I helped put together the Sustainability Sideshow at the Madison Children’s Museum, a joint fundraiser for Sustain Dane and Madison Children's Museum. I had limited information as to what the night would have in store but actually setting it up, the event really started to come alive. Vendors came from all over the Madison area with games and raffles being offered. I helped hand out fliers at the door, which seems simple enough but was able to join in on the fun when my shift was done.

With sponsors including Roman Candle Pizza and The Great Dane Pub & Brewery, there was already bound to be good food and beverages served. In addition, a few eco-friendly foods were also available. A few that I tried were beet-sprinkled cotton candy, cricket banana bread and mealworm cheese and crackers prepared by Chef Dave from Liliana’s. I never thought I’d catch myself ever eating insects! For a refreshment I had a compost-olitan (cosmopolitan). Keep in mind this was a 21+ event so there was some liquor flowing throughout the children’s museum (gosh, that sounds bad but this was held after normal operating hours so no children were in attendance).

Activities in the night included screen printing of different bugs and a booth to make your own bag from recycled materials. Speaking of recycled materials, the Trashion Fashion booth provided guests with the opportunity to update their evening wear with the latest trashion. I, myself, added a lovely bowtie to my ensemble (as shown in the picture). Any button up can be dressed up with a bowtie. This led up to the big trashion show in which guests could walk down the runway showing off their attire. Up on the rooftop, guests were able to go dumpster diving and test out their lung capacity with the sustainable note contest. Back inside there was a sustainable sin booth in which guests confessed their wasteful ways. I myself, leave my chargers plugged in when not using them.

The event itself was a really fun and unique experience in which I will watch out for next year. All 400 of the pre-sale tickets sold out with more tickets still being sold at the door. Overall the night was a success and a lot of fun had.

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