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The Dedication of Penguins

Posted: 5:03PM January 7th, 2013 | Comments


In Emperor Penguin colonies, the male or “papa penguin” guards his egg with unwavering determination and commitment. For months, he fends off subzero artic blasts, extreme hunger, and dangerous predators, carefully carrying the egg on his feet, nestled under the warmth of his body heat, until it hatches.

At Sustain Dane, we like to think of our Board of Directors as our “papa penguins.” Their relentless support and commitment to Sustain Dane make it possible for our organization to thrive as we work towards making Madison a living model of sustainability.

Over the holidays, we said goodbye to three retiring board members who leave monumental legacies at Sustain Dane. A special THANK YOU goes to Brian Joiner, Dave Boyer, and Jac Garner for their inspiring leadership and guidance as Sustain Dane’s original “papa penguins.”

Read their biographies here.

Sustain Dane Penguin

Dave Boyer, pictured above, provides nurturing warmth and protection to Sustain Dane. Just kidding, thanks for the photo, Dave!

At a time of passage, current board member Rebecca Ryan has picked up the gavel as Board President for 2013. Read Rebecca’s biography here. We’re terribly excited about our incredible Board of Directors, whose diverse wealth of expertise furnishes Sustain Dane with the assets and resources to continue to thrive in 2013! 

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