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The Emerging Future


Posted: 4:43PM May 30th, 2017 | Comments

I believe this poem is an expression of what Sustain Dane considers Big 'S' Sustainability. Since partnering with this non-profit, I have identified my shared value of intersectionality within sustainability. As an essential functionality of creating change within complex systems, we as sustainability champions must discover those intersections in order to move progress toward the world we wish to see created. This future-focused mentality is a gift that I attribute to my educational partners. 
The Emerging Future
I am from the privileged breath, crisp with natural filters.
I am from canals of clean water stretched beyond sunsets, with tastes of salt from distant ranges.
I am from the post-oil era;
Where spiraling turbines share warmth with solar-fed fields.
I am from living structures; fashioned by human-connective-design.
I am from resilience; fostered by active communities.
Voiced, informed and organized.
I am from change-makers; holding tension.
I am from reciprocity.
Grown from content relationships, financial accessibility, freedom of choice and trusted governance.
I am from urgency grown action; limbs permanently extended.
I am from the global perspective; my water is your water.
I am from slow food; a seed to cup process comparable to molasses.
From voyaged spices, their sweet flavors inspire only the curious of hearts.
I am from complex systems; innovation required.
I am from the emerging future. A future that values wellbeing, for all, forever.
By Hannah Lloyd
MA Sustainability Leadership - Education Concentration
Edgewood College Spring 2017 Graduate
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