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The Lasting Impacts of GROW

Posted: 12:24PM June 14th, 2017 | Comments

From 2012-2015 in collaboration with the GROW coalition, Sustain Dane helped to build and expand 15 outdoor classrooms across Dane County. As Muir Elementary School teacher Jen attests, the impacts of Sustain Dane’s work are still transforming schools and student life today. YOU can make lasting impacts to enrich students’ academic, social, and emotional growth by supporting Sustain Dane’s outdoor learning programs during our #SDWeekOfWins! Donate now at sustaindane.org/donate

“Being part of the GROW program with Sustain Dane not only gave us a good sized vegetable garden, but it also started us on a path to including garden based education for all Muir students. We have at least one annual all school garden work day. We have a Gardener in Residence who teaches weekly lessons to students in grades K-5. This year we installed a salad bar at lunch and the green salad is the most popular item in the bar! Our Music teacher takes students out to drum in our stump circle. We have a woodland with new native plants. The playground renovation committee is working to install more natural elements in our play spaces. All of this started because two teachers were part of the GROW PLC as other staff and families saw the possibilities our outdoor program grew - and keeps growing.” –Jen Greenwald, teacher at Muir Elementary School

Sustain Dane's Week of Wins from June 14-21 is our annual summer campaign to share, celebrate, and raise funds for sustainable success stories! This year, we're featuring our sustainable schools & outdoor learning programs. Help students, educators, & schools achieve more sustainable wins, and help us reach our goal of 100 donors! Donate today.

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