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The Votes Are In

Posted: 1:36PM November 5th, 2014 | Comments

Walking around Madison over the past few weeks, you can see that the Wisconsin Governor race has been intensifying. Someone like myself who is not too politically active is seeing a rise in people showing their support and helping their candidate win. Thinking about who I would vote for, if I voted, I did not know. Although I have learned a lot about both of the candidates from some of my roommates, who are very into politics, I had only heard the issues that they were complaining about or very proud of.

Now the day had come, and I knew I wanted to vote, but still I had not decided nor did I feel educated enough to even decide. At my first class, the first thing my teacher mentioned was that he had voted on his way there and he encouraged everyone to vote, regardless of their choice. I thought this was very noble and good in a system in which some people heavily push their own beliefs and candidate onto you. At my next class, my other professor mentioned that we should all vote as well.

After class, I wanted to learn more about the candidates so I googled the race and found a great website that had 10 questions given to both candidates, with each of their answers. After reading this I had come to a decision. Now it was time to participate in my civic duty and vote. In the end, regardless of who won, I am happy I voted and used my freedom.

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