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Two Sides of the Wind Turbine

Posted: 12:44PM February 3rd, 2012 | Comments

To fully support an idea, it is important to understand as many arguments as possible.  Yes, wind energy is renewable and an environmentally clean and important option to coal.  However, a new documentary, Windfall, present some valid concerns about wind turbines.  In a well-paced documentary, director Laura Isarel studies an unfolding drama in an economically strained county in upstate New York.  The film is receiving solid and thoughtful reviews in the New York Times and on All Things Considered. 

Several years ago, a wind turbine company pushed forward a plan for planting wind turbines around the traditionally ag-based land.  Power brokers in the town strong-armed the concept past wide-based community concerns about noise and sight disturbances, questions about bird migrations and other questions.  The film is not anti-alternative energy, but an important consideration about how community support for an idea can cool from tepid support to steely disgust. 

The movie opens in New York today, and it may be some time before the movie reaches local Sundance Theater, but keep your eyes open. 

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