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Union Cab

Posted: 10:38AM June 9th, 2011 | Comments

Yesterday was 2010 Mpower ChaMpion, Union Cab's Follow Up Meeting. Sustain Dane meets with each ChaMpion Business 3 times -  at the beginning of the one year program, six months in, and after completion.

As we entered, we noticed two additions to their outdoor space that where not there last time: a beautiful -and full- covered bike parking structure (even with a motion sensor light) and creative vegetable garden out of dozens of 5 gallon buckets!!!

Neither of these projects were one of the projects they selected to implement during their year as a ChaMpion (a no-idle policy and dispatch reminder, add Prius's to fleet, install vacume gauges in certain vehicles to help with driving habit awareness, improve HVAC of server room, oil rag recycling).....which just goes to show the journey to becoming sustainable never ends...and often becomes more tasty!

When asked how they keep their momentum up, their response was "find passionate people".

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