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Why Knoxville, when It could be us?

Posted: 4:14PM October 4th, 2011 | Comments

If you read Sustain Dane's Sept. 29th blog post last week on the "Case for Investing in Green Jobs," you'll know that Knoxville, Tennessee is expanding its green jobs sector faster than any other metropolitan area in the country.  Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina is next, followed by our neighbor - Des Moines, Iowa. 

What I want to know is, what does Knoxville and Des Moines got that we don't got? 

They got smart people.  We got smart people.  They need jobs.  We need jobs. 

And what's more, their new jobs aren't just "for PhD eggheads and white-collar middle managers, but rather middle-class workers who just a decade ago might be been classified as blue-collar. Nearly 69% of all green-economy jobs are middle-class, middle-income positions -- compared to just 43% of all American jobs," according to Cliff Kuang (Editor of Co.Design). 

Furthermore, most of these jobs are in the renewable energy sector, which requires...guess what?  Research and manufacturing know-how.  In fact, "a whopping 26% of all green jobs are in manufacturing, compared to 9% in the economy at large.

And what do we in Madison have?  Fashion?  No.  Hollywood studios?  No. 

A world-class research university and a large manufacturing industry.  I repeat.  What does Knoxville got that we don't got?     

- Kristen





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