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Kathryne Auerback & Jim Lorman

Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program


Kathryne Auerback helped develop and launch the Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program. She is co-lead instructor in that program, and also teaches Organizational Sustainability and Innovation in the School of Business. In addition to teaching, Kathryne co-chaired the Campus Sustainability Coordinating Team, where she led the development of the first Campus Sustainability Strategy.

Kathryne has over 20 years of strategy, corporate responsibility, sustainability, marketing, and public relations leadership experience with mission-driven organizations. Prior to joining Edgewood College, she was principal at Generation Strategy LLC and vice president at Madison Environmental Group, Inc.

Kathryne’s primary professional interest is in leading change to create healthy, equitable organizations and communities through innovative, collaborative initiatives such as the award-winning Eat Healthy (CSA) Rebate and the GO! Campaign. She has served on the boards of REAP Food Group, the Fair Share CSA Coalition, and numerous other community organizations. Kathryne earned her MA and MBA degrees from UW-Madison.

Jim Lorman is Professor of Biology at Edgewood College, where he has taught for 32 years. Jim developed an interdisciplinary graduate program Sustainability Leadership at Edgewood in 2010 and currently serves as Academic Director for that program. This work supports his passion for collaborative community projects aimed at planning and implementing sustainable practices, especially in the area of watershed management. This work is also related to and supported by his leadership in the Friends of Lake Wingra, his previous role as a member of the Dane County Lakes & Watershed Commission, and his participation in a number of community organizations and government-sponsored committees, including the Capital Region Sustainable Communities, Clean Lakes Alliance, Gardens for Empowerment, and Wisconsin Green Tier.


Meet Jim & Kathryne at the Badger Bioneers Reception!