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Meet the 2014 Badger Bioneers

Meet the 2014 Badger Bioneers, three local thinkers and doers actively working to lead the Madison Region to a more sustainable future. The three Badger Bioneers were nominated by the community and selected by our conference Advisory Council.

We are proud to honor:

Help us celebrate the Badger Bioneers!

Sustain Dane's board of directors will be hosting three celebratory community meals in November, one for each Badger Bioneer. Space is limited. $50 donation to Sustain Dane per guest. RSVP to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Monday, November 17, 5:30 PM cash bar, 6:00 dinner
Harvest, 21 N. Pinckney Street

Hosted by Rebecca Ryan, Jordan Hemaidan & Joann Kelley in honor of Annette Miller

Sunday, November 16, 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Home of Michael Mucha

Hosted by Michael Mucha & Willa Schlecht in honor of Caryl Terrell

Sunday, November 16, 6:30 PM
Francesca's al Lago, 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Hosted by Erik Ranheim & Jim Bradley in honor of Jen Voichick


Annete Miller

Emerging Markets and Community Development Manager at Madison Gas and Electric 

Annette Miller has lived in Madison since 1989. She started her career in state government providing policy, budget, and project management skills on topics such as new program development, workforce issues, and op

erational best practices for eleven years.  In 2003, she accepted an opportunity as Mayor’s aide where she expedited and advanced community and neighborhood issues and projects on behalf of the Mayor.  In 2005, she accepted an opportunity at Madison Gas and Electric as Emerging Markets and Community Development Manager.

Annette has been part of many projects that involve building and sustaining the greater 

Madison Community. Examples include acting as a loaned executive to help fundraise and lead the Urban League of Greater Madison to complete the $4.1 million dollar capital campaign and search for the next CEO in 2010.  Presenting and speaking on how to engage and seek diverse and broad representation within the Madison community.  She was instrumental in helping Mayor Cieslewicz build a vision for Allied Drive to improve housing, safety, education and employment concerns of this neighborhood that is considered low-income, a food desert, and isolated from the broader community due to the original design of the neighborhood and being shared by two municipalities. She recently designed a program at MGE in collaboration with community partners to engage African American and Latino members of the community around the topic of sustainability. She and the team of collaborators created a space for these community members to see themselves in the sustainability movement.  In 2014, they graduated thirty (30) households and have over 1,400 members of these community members following them through social media to share their stories about food, water, waste, transportation, health, and much more. 

In addition, she has mentored, coached and advised many boards and community based nonprofits on how to grow and strengthen themselves through fundraising, board development, and strong strategic planning as part of an overall strategy to help build resilient and sustainable organizations.  She helped start and grow the Madison Network of Black Professionals which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Ms. Miller is passionate about growing resilient communities, neighborhoods, organizations, businesses and people! She is constantly leveraging her relationships at her company, as well as through boards, committees and other business networks to do her part as a caring and passionate leader striving to make a difference.  She is most honored and humbled to have had a career to date that allows her to leverage these assets that improve the quality and well-being of those who live in and around the greater Madison community.

Ms. Miller has three children; of which two are in the Madison school district, and the other is pursuing a postsecondary education, with longtime husband and partner, Michael Miller.


Caryl Terrell 

Ms. Terrell was employed for 33 years, until her retirement in April 2006. as a public policy analyst, lobbyist and executive director by the Wisconsin Sierra Club, a non-profit environmental organization with about 14,000 members residing in Wisconsin.

Life Long Community Volunteer and Advocate

Ms. Terrell has researched, reviewed and developed public policy since 1969 that impacts Dane County land use patterns and natural resources.  She has served on advisory committees to the Town of Fitchburg, City of Madison, Dane County, Dane County Regional Planning Commission, Dane County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Capitol Area Regional Planning Commission and Dane County Executives Phelps and Falk.  Topics included Water Quality Section 208 planning, area wide transportation, rail line preservation/freight use, bus system, solid waste management, on-site residential and centralized wastewater treatment, land use and energy, among others.

Women Pioneer

Ms. Terrell was an active leader of the League of Women Voters of Dane County in the 1970’s-1983 and again since retirement.  Since 1981, Ms. Terrell has been a member of the Legislative Committee of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin with, at various times, the portfolios of Land Use/Transportation, Natural Resources, Environmental Quality and Energy/Global Warming.

Leader of Transformational Change of an Industry

Caryl has served as a Commissioner on the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District since 1992, and currently is the District’s first female president.  In her tenure, she has spurred the District to transform itself from being invisible in the community to something invaluable.  The District no longer sees itself as treating wastewater, but rather being a manager of valuable resources, a partner in local economic development and a member of the Yahara watershed community seeking to deliver maximum environment benefits as the least cost to society.

Results Oriented

Most recently, Caryl is responsible for the District pursuing watershed adaptive management as a means to cost effectively improve the quality of this regions lakes and streams.  The DNR changed its rules (because of the District) to allow the District and others to pursue this option to achieve it discharge permit. This effort is groundbreaking and first of its kind in the nation.  What the District is doing is being replicated in other parts of the country.  The effort involves working with agricultural farm producers to reduce phosphorous runoff at the source which will avoid the District having to spend $130 million on a resource intensive treatment plant.  This initiative clearly has economic, social and environmental benefits for the Madison area and over thirty partners have joined the District in this effort. So it is a truly a community initiative that is bringing people together to get meaningful quality of life results.

Jen Voichick

Habitat ReStore Founder 

Jen Voichick envisioned and established the first Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Wisconsin in 2001.

Now there are over 25 Habitat ReStores in Wisconsin including 2 in Dane County. Jen started with an interest in reducing construction waste in her home town. As a carpenter for years she saw usable construction material thrown in dumpsters. She knew our town was “better than that!”

So she started digging around looking for a way to reduce that landfill waste. She approached Habitat hoping that the material could be sold to support Habitat and used in Habitat homes. It turns out that the idea had already been born with a catchy name-Habitat ReStore. It just hadn’t reached Wisconsin yet!

Her bubble was momentarily burst, and then she went on to gain momentum visiting other established Habitat ReStores around the country. She happened to get the ReStore going at the right time for grant support through the DNR, Madison Community Foundation and Evjue Foundation.

The Habitat ReStore is a prime example of how a community can come together to take care of itself. The ReStore promotes protecting the earth, affordable housing and supporting people in their aging existing homes.

The Habitat ReStore is a place where all are welcome as shoppers, donors and volunteers,  a wonderful example of a community creation constantly in motion!



2014 Advisory Council

  • Jon Alling - Johnson Health Tech
  • Sabrina Bradshaw - UW Madison Office of Sustainability
  • Shannon Bunsen - UW Health
  • Beth Churchill - American Family Insurance
  • Steve Gilchrist - Edgewood College
  • Darin Harris - UW Madison Office of Quality Improvement
  • Jay Ferm - Planet Bike
  • Kimberly Frederickson - Summit Credit Union
  • Jessie Lerner - Sustain Dane
  • Gary Molz - EZ Office Poducts
  • Mikey Stewart - UW Credit Union
  • Candace Stohs-Krause - CUNA Mutual
  • Jocelyn Vande Velde - Johnson Health Tech