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Meet the EmCees

Sustain Dane is proud to introduce our Youth EmCees, who will lead participants in an exciting day of sustainability learning, inspiration and action!

Kai Brito

Originally from the Inland Empire of California, Kai Brito moved to Wisconsin in 2008 and has stayed here ever since. He recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, studying environmental sciences, cartography and media relations. 
As a student, he explored the natural world both inside and outside the classroom. On his international travels he observed the rare biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest with the Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation and sailed with a small crew along the shores of New Zealand with the Sea Education Association program. He also developed the audio-stories for the Yahara 2070 project, led social media campaigns for the non-profit Clean Wisconsin and launched his own studio radio program, Earthspeak Radio, which still airs today! 
He's now a local-area journalist, producing radio shows for the Monday 8'clock Buzz on WORT and creating media content for the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. He hopes to one day create his own storytelling platform to share how people should view the natural world, how communities can live alongside the environment and what humans can do to combat climate change for future generations.
Kai's hobbies include non-fiction podcasts, audiobooks, spoken word storytelling slams and listening to the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda's compositions.

Shamell Long-Homesly

Miss Shamell Long-Homesly, young humanitarian with an infinite visionary zeal to help facilitate the educational growth of the younger generation. Current Clerk Associate at USPS and proud Sustain Dane Affiliate/ MC compere with a passion for tutoring, inspiring through positivity and Real Estate. Shamell was a 2017 Sustain Dane Awardee as a student alumna of Project Green Teen at Malcolm Shabazz City High School, and she was a member of the Advisory Committee for the 2018 Sustain Dane Summit.