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Nominate a Badger Bioneer

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Do you know an individual or a team who is moving the Greater Madison Region toward a better future? Someone who, in their professional or personal life, is actively making change happen?

Each year at the Badger Bioneers Conference, Sustain Dane awards local thinkers and doers the title of Badger Bioneer. The Badger Bioneer award recognizes members of our local community who are transforming our society, economy, and/or environment for the better. These individuals may be rockstar volunteers, engaged neighbors, grassroots activists, political leaders, impactful educators, nonprofit professionals, visionary youth, inspiring entrepreneurs... the possibilities are endless! 

This is an opportunity for local champions to tell their stories. The Badger Bioneers will be honored, and their work celebrated, at the Badger Bioneers Conference on November 29, 2017.

Do you know someone or a group of people who are working to make the Madison Region happier and healthier? Fill out the Badger Bioneers nomination form below! 

Feel free to nominate an individual or a group of individuals who are working together on a project or focus area.

Tips for a great nomination:

  • Assume the selection committee doesn't know your nominee(s) or their work.
  • Rather than a list of groups the nominee is involved in, share specific examples of the impact of a project
  • Consider getting quotes from other people who have worked with the nominee(s) that can summarize the impact of their work.
  • Include additional information like news articles, videos, or websites

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: FRIDAY, APRIL 28 AT 5 PM - Click aqui para español

Visit our Badger Bioneers Hall of Fame to meet past Badger Bioneers