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Going Sustainable


In pursuit of our vision of a resilient, thriving Madison Region, Sustain Dane reaches individuals At WorkAt School, and At Large to encourage sustainable lifestyles, business practices, and competencies.

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What is Big 'S' Sustainability?

Big 'S' Sustainability encompasses three core components: a strong community, a just economy, and a healthy environment

Sustainability is about wellbeing for everyone. About surviving and thriving. Being resourceful. The opportunity to live the life we want to live. It’s about clean air and clean water. A living wage for everyone. Working together to create the community we want. It’s about balance. It’s about all of this and more for generations to come.










A strong community is connected, cooperative, and safe. Full of trust and minimizes disparities. 

A just economy is diverse, connected and shared. Abundant. It prioritizes economic impact on people and the planet. 

A healthy planet is balanced. Regenerative and restorative. Green and blue. A place where people can live a healthy and thriving life regardless of where they live.

Sustain Dane works with individuals in businesses, schools, and neighborhoods to further the inspiration, skill-building, and collaboration needed to achieve Big 'S' Sustainability.

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