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21 Day Eco Equity Challenge

There are a lot of people working hard to protect the environment. But for who? When it comes to incorporating equity – we all have work to do – individually and collectively. The 21 Day Eco Equity Challenge is designed to help you on your journey to being not only an environmental sustainability champion but an equity champion, too.

Some say that 21 days is all it takes to build a habit. We don’t think this change will be easy, in fact we think it is a life-long commitment. But it is possible, and small wins can go a long way. Commit to small and big steps over the next 21 days.

Your goal is to do one thing each day and record it.

Step 1: Do something! You can READ, ACT, CONNECT, ENGAGE, or WATCH. Take our suggestions or even better, choose your own adventure.

Step 2: Keep track to keep motivated. Use the tools on the website to record your accomplishments. Start a journal.